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dartmouth mayne Ltd takes consulting assignments that result in direct contributions to the client's profitability.

Whether these are revenue generating, spend reducing, or capital control projects, dartmouth mayne Ltd will listen to what you want to achieve and put the resource in place to deliver.


dartmouth mayne Ltd has great experience in the UK retail market and a track record in building brands and developing private label products for the UK and European markets in Chilled, Frozen and Ambient categories.

Our partnership ensures that your entry into the UK market delivers improved contribution to profit by helping you define your strategy, refine your costs, and develop profitable sales partnerships. Our team has experience in all sectors of the market covering Retail, Discounters, Convenience, Wholesalers, and Foodservice in Europe.

We act as your UK or EU subsidiary, controlling all logistics, sales, marketing and on-going relationship management therefore reducing the complexity of setting up a UK office and sales team. Our recent focus has been the development of sales strategies for Discount Retailers to deliver high volume, low operating cost ranges.


As a company we are proud to support the Turkish Tiger economy for the following reasons:

The Turkish economy has shown remarkable performance with its steady growth over the last eight years. A sound macroeconomic strategy in combination with prudent fiscal policies and major structural reforms in effect since 2002, has integrated the Turkish economy into the globalised world, while transforming the country into one of the major recipients of FDI in its region.

The visible improvements in the Turkish economy have also boosted foreign trade, while exports reached USD 114 billion by the end of 2010, up from USD 36 billion in 2002.

Significant improvements in such a short period of time have registered Turkey on the world economic scale as an exceptional emerging economy, the 16th largest economy in the world and the 6th largest economy when compared with the EU countries, according to GDP figures (at PPP) in 2010.

Prior to the recent global recession which hit all economies throughout the world, the Turkish economy sustained strong economic growth for 27 quarters consecutively, making it one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. However, the global financial crisis has considerably challenged the macroeconomic and financial stability of many economies by adversely affecting financing facilities and external demand, thus causing a significant slowdown in all global economic activities.

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Source: Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support & Promotion Agency


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Biz, Ingiltere pazarinda edindigimiz Satinalma, Satis ve Kategori Yönetimi deneyimlerimizi kendi stratejisini tanimlamak, maliyetlerini hafifletmek ve karli satislara imza atmak isteyen is ortaklarimiza yardimci olmak için kullaniyoruz. Ekibimiz Avrupa'da Perakende, Indirim Magazalari, Toptanci, Cash & Carry ve Gida Ürünlerini kapsayan pazarin tüm sektörlerinde tecrübe sahibidir.

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